​​​​River of Words by the Clarkesville Writers Society is available for purchase for $10.00 at the Clarkesville Library


Local Authors present a compilation of memoirs, poems, stories and essays. Available for purchase for $10.00 at the  Clarkesville Library. All proceeds benefit the library!

The Clarkesville Writers Society (CWS) is a group of people who enjoy writing regardless of motivations or specific interests. Members have a variety of writing passions and a broad range of skill levels. The goal of the organization is to help each writer improve craft and achieve individual writing objectives.

CWS welcomes anyone interested in writing to its meetings at the Clarkesville Library every Friday from 10 A.M. until noon. Meetings on the first and third Fridays of each month are devoted primarily to lessons or discussions of topics related to writing. Second Friday meetings are “Reading Days,” when members can bring some of their writing to share with the group by reading it aloud. Fourth Fridays are “Exercise Days” when members write for a few minutes, inspired by one or more prompts. Results can be shared, but that is not a requirement. If there is a fifth Friday in the month, it may be any of the meeting types, depending on the leader’s choice. A writing exercise may be done at any meeting if times permits, so attendees should always bring writing materials.

CWS has only two guidelines:

1. Members should be adults.
2. Members should be respectful of others and their opinions and in the critique of others’ writing. Our aim is to maintain a collegial and harmonious atmosphere.

In 2013, CWS published an anthology of stories, essays and poetry by members entitled River of Words, edited by Lane Lester and Patricia Wolfe. As renowned local author and artist John Kollock noted: “The reader [of River of Words] has an opportunity to sense what a wide community of rich talent we have here in our area.” This book can be purchased at the Clarkesville-Habersham Library, and proceeds from sales go to the library.  In 2016, CWS published River of Words, Volume 2.

For more information about the Clarkesville Writers Society, visit their website at www.clarkesvillewriters.com, which features pieces of writing by members as well as other information and news about the group.